Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Projects 2014

Happy New Year! :) 

I'll still be working on with my WIPs of 2013, especially the butterflies :wub: . For this year, I'll be working on new projects with varied designs but of course, butterflies will still be my forever favorite! 

I have updated my Stitching Journal and realized that I have made a total of 126 finished projects (small & large ones) from 1998 to present! :applesauce: I've only finished 2 projects last year (my most unproductive year)... mainly because I had eye concerns and have been forced to use progressive lenses. I do hope to make up for it this year amidst household chores and office works. :ratherbe: 

And so, here it goes:

My first finish of the year 2014 - "Follow your Dreams"


...and I have started a new project to start off the year... "Psalm 23"... it's a 19th century style sampler with traditional motifs and it's my first scriptural sampler project! 

This is how it will look when finished...

Hope you like it! :-) Thanks for lurking in :wub:

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