Saturday, August 23, 2014

Catching up....

A good day to all!

Really catching up on my butterfly stitches... this one has been calling on me to get stitched up for sooooo long... it's a blackwork butterfly pattern which is included in my "Crazy 2011 Cross Stitch Challenge" (that i was not able to finish).  And now... finally it's done! 

I used a gray 16 count aida fabric given to me by one of my stitching friends all the way from UK. I personally chose the yellow color shade  (DMC#725) which i think will go well with the gray fabric (I hope I was not mistaken with my color choice).

.... 'til the next project update, friends! Happy stitching to all! :-)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I have struggled for awhile in my crossstitching hobby... one reason was due to eye problems - have sorted that out but slowly, finally adjusted to wearing eyeglasses with progressive lenses; second reason was due to super busy workload - and that, too have been sorted out!

So, now... back to my xstitching! Finally after a long while I am crossstitching again! (happy dance for me) Have organized all my xstitch stash and the xstitch bug is back! I've pulled out my "Believe" project (have been ages since I last laid my hands on it) fully "believing" that I can have it finished - sooner or later. Just loved the message I've read in the forum.. " every single stitch puts you closer to the finish!"

Here is my progress so far... after the loooooooong wait.

...and as a bonus... I have made progress also to my Lizzie Kate's "Living with Charm" project!

...and a small one in-between!... " a cup of tea"
... promise to post more frequently from now on... i'm happy again to be ME! :-D Happy stitching everyone!

Forgot to show a pic of the mini lighthouse I've been working on last January this year... here it is... finished!