Monday, November 10, 2014

Some New & Old......

....yes, some new & old crossstitch projects...'s the new one! "The Art of The Rose"... it's from The World of CrossStitching magazine.  So excited to stitch this as there are cute butterflies!!!  

.....and here's my start on it .... a cute butterfly already fluttering by! 

....and here's an old project... a UFO, I may say.... It's a mini Dimensions kit, a gift given to me by an officemate from her USA trip. planning to have stitchy projects for Christmas....I hope I can make it... promise to keep you posted with updates ...yay! Okay, happy stitching to everyone!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Most Pleasant Surprise!!!

...Yes, so true! I received a most pleasant surprise from DMC Philippines!!! It's from their recent survey that I've participated! Love the 16 new color shades of DMC threads and it also comes with a free flower pattern. Love them all!

...and I have a recent finished project!!! 
Butterflies and Buddleia
16ct White Aida Fabric
2 strands of DMC threads
Chart was a gift from a friend from the crossstitch forum years ago (2011, I think ;-))

Happy Halloween to all! Happy stitching, too! 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy After All ....

         Hello all! Been sick with colds these past few days as the weather seems so unpredictable! But happy to say that:

1.  ...... I've FINISHED my Lizzie Kate's Living With Charm project!!! Yehey! :-D's done on 14ct white DMC Aida cloth using 2 strands of DMC threads... it has some specialty stitches on it ...

..... and i have stitched my nickname signature on it! 

2.  ...... have managed to stitch some progress on my HAED "Believe" project ... am so excited stitching this now as the words "believe" pops into view! 

3.  ...... and have found this new gadget to aid me on my eyesight problems... and I'm definitely loving it! Just have to replace the current mini lightbulb which give yellowish light to an LED white one for a more clearly lighted view.

4.  ...... and wanted to share some homebased found gadgets that I have discovered to be of great use in my sticthing projects...
..... used bathroom tissue roll holder... it's great to hold your fabric in a roll to avoid fold creases...

.... some plastic clothes pin... to hold your rolled fabric while stitching by hand... I used it on large projects so as not to be annoyed with the majority of the fabric... I roll the fabric up to where  i'll be stitching and clip the clothes pins on both rolled ends.... so, I can hold the rolled one with my right hand and stitch with my left hand. 

.... stabilo exam grade mechanical pencil... i used it to mark my stitches so I can stitch one color at a time... and this one is great as it comes with the eraser that completely erases any wrongfully marked ones that I did.  Leaves no mark at all! I also use it for gridding!  

5. ....... and I have started  a new project! A Margaret Sherry Cat! "Home is Where the Cat is"... bought the pattern online and have been so happy to have it as I just used to see it on internet sites and can't find a way to get hold of the pattern for so long. 

...have decided to use 11ct Mocha Brown Aida fabric using 4 strands of DMC threads... and found it to be great!  Less eye strain as the fabric holes are much bigger! I decided to use this fabric count for medium sized projects from now on.

....and the difficulty of this project is the use of petite stitches! Hmmm... good thing that it's an 11ct fabric ... so, i can say that it's currently manageable.

6. ........ I have been rummaging from my crossstitch stash in our upstairs loftroom and found this long abandoned project (UFO) ... It's a great project (Anchor pattern "Victorian Springtime") and I really would like to have this done... the only thing that's keeping me from doing this is the fabric I'm using... it's an evenweave! soooooo tiny holes!!!! 

7.   ......... and so thankful to the Lord for always guiding my family and for all the bountiful blessings! We have been blessed with new 6 accounting projects... will have super busy days ahead but hoping to still find my stitchy moments! 

Happy stitching to all!  

Sunday, September 28, 2014

...Lots of Wishful Thinking!

...a warm hello on a bright sunny morning here in the Philippines! :-D

...well, i've been thinking alot lately... very thankful for all the blessings that are coming our way despite my spiritual shortcomings... seems like i'm having some kind of depression... maybe some sort of withdrawal symptoms from resigning from my office job to doing home-based accounting job....but i know these feelings will pass... in time.... anyway, some good things are coming our way... new prospective clients and accounting & audit projects... really looking forward to all of those... so, our own personal business is looking up & going well... eldest son is currently developing an accounting system software focusing on accounts receivables and collections.. he is currently in-charge of our IT group.....youngest son is doing well in school ...already in his 3rd yr of college - accountancy course...... all in all things are looking great.... so, happy me!

.... on the other side.... still glued to my crossstitch projects... I have 2 WIPs on the go - Believe and Lizzie Kate's Living With Charm... wanting to finish them soon so I can start the "Keep Calm" project.... still thinking if i will just do a solo one or trio... with my fave colors - fuschia, apple green and teal bluegreen.... ooooh... i forgot i stlll have a mini one on-the-go... the Butterflies and Buddleia... well, it's just a mini one, so, i'm sure i can finish it sooner.... then, am wishing that i could start doing small projects line-up - margaret sherry ones. cute chikadees, butterflies, etc. before i could re-start on stitching the HUGE project - Paradise! .... really have a lot of wishes... hehe :-D

..... i would like to try baking, too.... hopefully try making french macarons... then choco lollipops... choco crispies.... cupcakes and brownies!!! ...and see if i could make a business out of it... i really want to have some business on the side ... for my own personal satisfaction... :-D

..... and i've been following a lot of tv series nowadays - Smallville, CSI, The Strain, Forever, The Voice USA and The Walking Dead season 5 will soon be starting...and also to mention some local tv series - "Hawak Kamay", "Ikaw Lamang" and "Hiram na Alaala".... I love the new tv series - The Strain and Forever... both thrilling to watch....and i'm looking forward to watching new movies - Lucy, A Good Marriage, Annabelle, A Walk among the Tombstones, The Calling and Left Behind... really a movie and tv fan of horror and thriller stories.  

...wish that i could also find time (what with all these interests in me) to read my pocketbooks collections and e-books... a fan of James Patterson, Linwood Barclay and R.L. Stine... also have a collection of the I Am Number Four series but still have not read any of the books (but have luckily already watched the debut movie - and loved it!) .....

....also wish that i could renovate our house ... to have the space and corners that i wanted...more organizers, cabinets and lots of natural lighting, meaning.... BIG windows!  ...a new wall paint... new curtains... new furnitures and appliances.... WOW! that's a big wishful thinking, don't you think? :-D

.... so...maybe i'm feeling down because of all these wishful thinking....because it's really a LOT!.... as the saying content with what you have ... and that is happiness.... i'm just human... with needs... with wants... with dreams and wishes.... i guess, am just saying that i'm still a human after all.

....well, just wanted to put my thoughts into writing... a journal... have kept one but have not updated it for such a long time... this blog is a good thing, though.....i would like to wish everyone a happy day... happy stitching to stitchers out there.... really am thankful that we're blessed ... so, enjoy life while you can.... smile .... be a blessing to everyone you meet... God bless!


Thursday, September 25, 2014

...A Little More Time!

hello... i have managed to stitch a little more this time and have some update progress to show on my two(2) projects WIPs...

....really feels good to stitch.... i have been admiring some FB friends from our local stitching group who can finish their projects so fast...!

....anyway, i have found a new TV series to follow... it's a thriller one about some kind of vampire... it's entiled The Strain. And of course, The Walking Dead Season 5 will soon be aired this coming October.... yipee!!!

.... and i've been wandering ... and deciding... if i would try making french macarons.... it's yummy and i love it! ... it might be what i'm wanting to do... hmmmmm... :-)

... will give you updates again... soon!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

When September Comes....

It's September! Here comes the "ber" months! Along with this is the feeling that Christmastime is just along the corner! Woohoo! :-D

...and here are my updates on my crossstitch projects... which i have found more time to do now... looking forward to have some finishes by the end of this year ( I really do hope i can do it! )

progress update on "Believe" project... I am feeling excited seeing some parts of the letters coming into view!
..and progress update on Lizzie Kate's "Living With Charm" project... done with encourage... 3 more to go!
...and a mini butterfly project on the go as an in-between one... it's "Butterflies and Buddleia", designed by Sue Page featured in The World of Cross Stitching magazine (July 2006).  The chart was from a friend all the way from Dunchurch, UK! 

... and  I just can't seem to get enough... and decided to start a new large project (sorry, i really can't help it...) The project is entitled " Paradise". I am stitching it on white 14ct dmc aida cloth using dmc threads 2 over 1. The stitchcount of the whole design is 380w x 241h and it has 56 shades of colors. I admit I may have been that brave to start this one (LOL:-D) ... by the rate i'm stitching now... it might take me 5 yrs to finish this one! Nevertheless... I am taking on the challenge! Go, go, go! 

.... a view of the whole fabric piece....

.... as of August 24, 2014... i have made 1,225 stitches! The confetti stitches are driving me nuts! LOL :-D  I really need lots of encouragement in this very loooong stitching journey :-) 

Thank you... and keep watching out for more! :-)


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Catching up....

A good day to all!

Really catching up on my butterfly stitches... this one has been calling on me to get stitched up for sooooo long... it's a blackwork butterfly pattern which is included in my "Crazy 2011 Cross Stitch Challenge" (that i was not able to finish).  And now... finally it's done! 

I used a gray 16 count aida fabric given to me by one of my stitching friends all the way from UK. I personally chose the yellow color shade  (DMC#725) which i think will go well with the gray fabric (I hope I was not mistaken with my color choice).

.... 'til the next project update, friends! Happy stitching to all! :-)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I have struggled for awhile in my crossstitching hobby... one reason was due to eye problems - have sorted that out but slowly, finally adjusted to wearing eyeglasses with progressive lenses; second reason was due to super busy workload - and that, too have been sorted out!

So, now... back to my xstitching! Finally after a long while I am crossstitching again! (happy dance for me) Have organized all my xstitch stash and the xstitch bug is back! I've pulled out my "Believe" project (have been ages since I last laid my hands on it) fully "believing" that I can have it finished - sooner or later. Just loved the message I've read in the forum.. " every single stitch puts you closer to the finish!"

Here is my progress so far... after the loooooooong wait.

...and as a bonus... I have made progress also to my Lizzie Kate's "Living with Charm" project!

...and a small one in-between!... " a cup of tea"
... promise to post more frequently from now on... i'm happy again to be ME! :-D Happy stitching everyone!

Forgot to show a pic of the mini lighthouse I've been working on last January this year... here it is... finished!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Thank You...

I've finally got over it alll! I can finally say that it's all DONE!

Thank you....
... for the final signing.
....for the thumbs up - can't wait for the new LR look!
....for granting one of my wishes!
....for having the strength & patience in cleaning & organizing my things - happy me :-)!
....for being able to watch a movie today! - Submerged
....for having time to check in my HayDay!
....for all the countless blessings!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Again.... I'm back after a long while... and here's something new...

I've updated my blog!  Now, you can browse on some of my stitched projects - butterflies and Margaret Sherry designs. They are still a work-in-process as I would still add individual descriptions on each one. I would still be adding pages of other projects that I've done... so watch out for it!

Happy day to everyone! 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Something new...

Hello 2014!

I really would like to finish a lot of projects this year... last year have been my most unproductive year and have only finished 2 projects!  That is why I would like to make up for it this year.

I have things NEW this year... and I am really happy with them...!
First, I have my crossstitch corner! :-D... It's not really all that I wanted... I still want a drawer cabinet and some other things. But for now... it's all fine with me. Here are some pics...

Then, here are my current projects...
Meowy Christmas Kitty Bookmark... a free design from Charles Craft....

Then, here's another one... Mini Lighthouse!

....really hoping for more updates to come! :-D