Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy After All ....

         Hello all! Been sick with colds these past few days as the weather seems so unpredictable! But happy to say that:

1.  ...... I've FINISHED my Lizzie Kate's Living With Charm project!!! Yehey! :-D's done on 14ct white DMC Aida cloth using 2 strands of DMC threads... it has some specialty stitches on it ...

..... and i have stitched my nickname signature on it! 

2.  ...... have managed to stitch some progress on my HAED "Believe" project ... am so excited stitching this now as the words "believe" pops into view! 

3.  ...... and have found this new gadget to aid me on my eyesight problems... and I'm definitely loving it! Just have to replace the current mini lightbulb which give yellowish light to an LED white one for a more clearly lighted view.

4.  ...... and wanted to share some homebased found gadgets that I have discovered to be of great use in my sticthing projects...
..... used bathroom tissue roll holder... it's great to hold your fabric in a roll to avoid fold creases...

.... some plastic clothes pin... to hold your rolled fabric while stitching by hand... I used it on large projects so as not to be annoyed with the majority of the fabric... I roll the fabric up to where  i'll be stitching and clip the clothes pins on both rolled ends.... so, I can hold the rolled one with my right hand and stitch with my left hand. 

.... stabilo exam grade mechanical pencil... i used it to mark my stitches so I can stitch one color at a time... and this one is great as it comes with the eraser that completely erases any wrongfully marked ones that I did.  Leaves no mark at all! I also use it for gridding!  

5. ....... and I have started  a new project! A Margaret Sherry Cat! "Home is Where the Cat is"... bought the pattern online and have been so happy to have it as I just used to see it on internet sites and can't find a way to get hold of the pattern for so long. 

...have decided to use 11ct Mocha Brown Aida fabric using 4 strands of DMC threads... and found it to be great!  Less eye strain as the fabric holes are much bigger! I decided to use this fabric count for medium sized projects from now on.

....and the difficulty of this project is the use of petite stitches! Hmmm... good thing that it's an 11ct fabric ... so, i can say that it's currently manageable.

6. ........ I have been rummaging from my crossstitch stash in our upstairs loftroom and found this long abandoned project (UFO) ... It's a great project (Anchor pattern "Victorian Springtime") and I really would like to have this done... the only thing that's keeping me from doing this is the fabric I'm using... it's an evenweave! soooooo tiny holes!!!! 

7.   ......... and so thankful to the Lord for always guiding my family and for all the bountiful blessings! We have been blessed with new 6 accounting projects... will have super busy days ahead but hoping to still find my stitchy moments! 

Happy stitching to all!  

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