Thursday, September 4, 2014

When September Comes....

It's September! Here comes the "ber" months! Along with this is the feeling that Christmastime is just along the corner! Woohoo! :-D

...and here are my updates on my crossstitch projects... which i have found more time to do now... looking forward to have some finishes by the end of this year ( I really do hope i can do it! )

progress update on "Believe" project... I am feeling excited seeing some parts of the letters coming into view!
..and progress update on Lizzie Kate's "Living With Charm" project... done with encourage... 3 more to go!
...and a mini butterfly project on the go as an in-between one... it's "Butterflies and Buddleia", designed by Sue Page featured in The World of Cross Stitching magazine (July 2006).  The chart was from a friend all the way from Dunchurch, UK! 

... and  I just can't seem to get enough... and decided to start a new large project (sorry, i really can't help it...) The project is entitled " Paradise". I am stitching it on white 14ct dmc aida cloth using dmc threads 2 over 1. The stitchcount of the whole design is 380w x 241h and it has 56 shades of colors. I admit I may have been that brave to start this one (LOL:-D) ... by the rate i'm stitching now... it might take me 5 yrs to finish this one! Nevertheless... I am taking on the challenge! Go, go, go! 

.... a view of the whole fabric piece....

.... as of August 24, 2014... i have made 1,225 stitches! The confetti stitches are driving me nuts! LOL :-D  I really need lots of encouragement in this very loooong stitching journey :-) 

Thank you... and keep watching out for more! :-)


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