Thursday, January 2, 2014

My Stiching Journal

Hi, happy new year! :)

I have started a stitching journal since 2008. I have it in four parts:

1. My Finished Projects 
A list of all my finished projects since 1998 (photos are in a separate pic album in my external hard drive).
2. My Xstitch Stash
A record of all additional new stash I bought from 2008. I have attached pics of my previous stash prior to 2008.
3. Links to Xstitch Sites
A list of crossstitch sites with freebies. I indicate types of designs featured in each site. I use 1 page per site.
4. My Xstitch WIPs
A record of my current WIPs. I used 1 page for each project. This is were I record the details of each project: designer, size, fabric used, where it came from, whom i gave it for, date started, date finished, etc....
5. My Xstitch Friends
A record of all my friends who shared same interests with mine... friends who sent me xstitch gifts so I will be forever thankful...
"As we count our stitches...let us not forget to count our blessings..."

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