Sunday, March 29, 2015 wandering mind.....

A happy morning to all....

..yeah, been having a lot of thinking lately ...of course, together with a lot of things to do....our homebased accounting and audit works are doing quite great although we've cut a few that's not worth serving. There are so much a lot of plans... piling in my mind one on top of the other... moving house...selling our current house....packing and sorting things... wanting to downsize our current up most of my collections (vcds/dvds, magazines, pocketbooks, clothes, accessories, dinnerwares, etc...)...wanting the available new place to move in...evaluating the new place - where to place evreything - cleaning - repairs - improvements to do - additional things needed....and on our homebased workloads...backlogs, deadlines, reports, meetings...just really a lot of things to think about.

...anyway, in the midst of it all... I can make the stress go away for awhile doing some crossstitching... yeah, it really is a stress-buster! I'm really thankful that I have it as a hobby.Just looking at my stash keeps the stress away! How I wish I could just look at all of it forever! ha ha ha  :-D

...well, there's good news...I have finally finished my "Believe" project!  Here's a quick recollection of slow journey towards the finish line...
 ....last 330 sticthes
...last 50 stitches...
....last x stitch!, am soooo happy! 
....finished at last! 
HAED QS - "Believe"
designed by Jessica Galberth and charted by HAED
16 ct white aida cloth
2 strands of DMC threads planning to check on all my UFOs... will keep a tab on all of it so, I can work on them one by one and have them finished! ...will feature them here so, I will be constantly reminded. 

...wishing us all happy days ahead... I still believe in faith and prayers....happy more stitching days ahead which promises stress-free days! Yipee! 

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