Sunday, July 14, 2013

An Updated Version Of Me!

Good day to all!

I have been in a turmoil of a life since my last post... lots of happenings along the way... been crossstitching on & off... still coping with office work related stress... have joined a local (Philippines) crossstitch FB group, a blackwork stitching FB group & a Margaret Sherry sticthing FB group...

Well, life isn't that easy, I should say, but is worth the try... I have been reading inspirational books... grateful for the help and comfort it gives...and am really thankful for my wonderful family... for my hubby who's really 100% supportive and patient with me...

As I've said earlier... I haven't abandon crossstitching.... just has been slow, stitching on & off as time allows...  and I have found a new local needlecraft store! We have been househunting for the past 2 months and we finally found one... It's a 2-storey house which will be large enough for the whole family & all of our things!  And this new needlecraft store is just so near! Only a 10-minute ride! ...and as a start I bought the ff:

 I was so excited!  The store is Heavenly Stitching Moments and it carries a wide variety of patterns, threads, fabrics, etc. I just can't believe that they actually have the Q-snaps! I've been longing for it for a long time and just settled on seeing it in the internet.  Finally, I have it now and have tried using it right away and I loved it so much!
My current WIP includes:
1.  Butterfly Forest by Dimensiones (as shown above in my new q-snaps!)
2.  Living with Charm by Lizzie Kate
3.  Painted Ladies featured in the CrossStitcher magazine
4.  Other small designs like the EMS flower months which re-energizes me during boring days...

Always have faith in the Lord for HE will direct your way. Being human, we sometimes lose sight of it all but we have to be strong.  Life is a never-ending process... and is short. We have to enjoy every second of it! Live life to the fullest!

Happy stitching everyone! :-)

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